You have to be kidding. SNOW!!! AGAIN!!!! Look everyone loves a little snow day but this is like the 1,000,000,000 that many of us have had. Missed school, missed work, so much time inside. So. Much. Time. Inside. So. Much. Time. Inside. With. The. Children. Yes, yes you love them but this has been a bit too much for many loving parents. So now that we are on storm 1,000,000,000 are you  maybe thinking that you will just take a box of cookies and a bottle of wine into the closet and hide? You can totally do that OR you can follow some quick tips to survive yet another snow day. 


Some people LOVE a snow day and some just love a plan, MEEEEEEEEE. Either way a little planning can save the day. In the, LOVE a snow day category? Plan outside time, sledding, snow angels, snowperson (yup, I did that) building. Get out and about. Do it up. Text some pals and meet them for some snow fun. Get your kids wiggles out before they are cooped up for the rest of the day. Bam. 

Have a few activities readied to keep the kids busy so you can have some chill or work time. I expect YOU to take advantage of the day as well. Now, I don’t mean that you have to set up any elaborate Pinterest projects. A box, some stickers, crayons and imagination can keep your kids busy for a WHILE. What is it? A house? Spaceship? Garden? Robot??? Get cheep mugs for the kids to decorate. Beads can keep young hands and minds busy for a LONG time. You get the drift. Keep it simple and age appropriate so that you don’t hear your name being yelled every 5 minutes, “MOM I need HELP” “DAD, I can’t do this.” 

Have the kids plan, “Guys, a snow day is coming. Pick two things that you would like to play with tomorrow, take them out so you can find them. I don’t want you to come to me and tell me that you’re bored. I need you to find your fun.” Stick to this. If they come to you and you are busy tell them to find their fun. They will either do that or tantrum, either way give them space to do it. 

Don’t Plan

OK, sooooo I just told you to plan and now I am telling you not too. Ummm, that’s pretty much right. A little planning is great but no need to micromanage the day. No need for every minute to be filled with an explosion of snow day fun. That just sounds exhausting. Get your kids and have a family meeting, “Hey guys, we have another snow day. We talked about some activities that you and I have planned but the whole day will not be like that. I really don’t want anyone coming to me saying that they’re bored. It is your job to find your fun.” 

I sound super mean, right? NO, NO I DO NOT! I know that kids need to be bored, they need to find their way out of it, they need to find their fun. Kids who are left to find their fun, learn how to problem solve, think outside of the box, work as a team, create something out of nothing and after a time will no longer be bored because they will know how to, say it with me; FIND. THEIR. FUUUUNNNNNN!

Be Clear

Be clear about your needs. MY NEEDS??? Are you kidding??? I am allowed to have needs???  Of course, because as I always say, if you give all to your kids you will have nothing left to give. Let your kids know when you will play, watch a movie, go outside, hang. Also let them know you need to work and what they can do while you are at it. Will it be perfect? NO but kids CAN play alone or watch a movie alone and not show up next to you every 5 minutes. Set a timer if you need to, “I am setting this timer. I need me time, I need to get things done. Do not come and get me until the timer goes off unless something big happens like someone’s bleeding or throws up or a unicorn shows up in the living room. I want to know about that for sure. See a unicorn, you come get me.” 

Just by putting in a teeny bit of planning and a lot of clarity and this 1,000,000,000th snow day can be fun for you and your kids. Ok, maybe more fun for your kids cause you still do have work and stuff to get done but treat yourself. Find time to read, text your friends, check out Facebook, catch up on a show. You should get at least a mini snow-day. Enjoy everyone. This snow should end soon, RIGHT (she asks almost weeping)???????